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Reporting Marine Mammal Sightings

Dolphins, Turtles and Other Animals

For Injured Marine Mammals in California

Please call:


(866) 767-6114

Whales face constant human threats. With Whale Alert the power to save them is in our hands.

Download now to immediately report whale sightings to National Rescue Teams.

See It.

Learn to identify marine mammals, especially local whales with our free field guide. Then follow your location on NOAA nautical charts while Whale Alert helps you steer clear of whales in the area and report any whales you may see.

Report It.

Share your sightings on Whale Alert to help, rescuers, researchers and mariners, reduce deadly vessel strikes and save injured whales or whales in distress.

Whale Alert

Save a Life.

Whether you report a sighting of a healthy whale, a whale that’s injured or distressed or one that’s been hit by a vessel strike, your report matters!

All data from reported sightings helps researchers track and predict whale movements more accurately, saves whales by preventing future injuries, and keep boaters aware of whale alert areas while they are on the move.

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