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Ocean Awareness

Report an Animal


Ocean Awareness

We need volunteers to help us get the word out about Saving Ocean Wildlife. If you have social media prowess we want you! Will you help us get the message out far and wide? Do you have networks like clubs you belong to, friends groups, community organizations, coworkers that you could help us reach out to, to help us educate more of the public? Are you a great writer? Would you like to be a guest blogger or help us write our monthly newsletter? Please let us know!

Report an Animal in California

We need help encouraging the public and businesses such as fishing charters and whale watching companies to start using our reporting form to gather important information about animals sighted. If you are interested in helping us to encourage more reporting please let us know. Or you could go out regularly to your favorite beach or if you have a boat, go out into the ocean and be a regular reporter for us. The more data collected, the better!

For ocean enthusiasts looking to get involved based on their own schedules with the ability to distinctly make a difference in California’s marinas and oceans, this volunteer project is perfect for you.

Dockwalkers was formed to provide one-on-one outreach in local harbors to help boaters appropriately dispose of used oil and other waste products and learn best clean boating practices.

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